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about me

What’s  in it for you and a little bit about me

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Welcome to my blog where I hope you will find tools, information, inspiration you need to move forward into the second half of life, because  “As you get older, three things are very important: your health, enough money and quality satisfying relationships.”

I discovered my passion to help people later in life and I went to University for a BA and then a Master’s degree to start a new career as a counselor, psychotherapist in addiction. I then added a couple of Life Coaching certificates to work with women who wanted more self-confidence to make big changes in all aspects of their life: work, relationships, health and finances.

As a single parent from the time my daughters were 5 and 9, I so get how there are never enough hours in a day, and while parenting changes over time, it never ends.  As someone who grew up with a depressed mom and an overwhelmed, older dad, I also understand that we can get to adulthood without much information on what makes a good and great life.

My passion for learning and sharing is still what gets me up in the morning and this is how this blog was born in July 2016.  I have been a legal secretary, a financial planner, an admin assistant, a psychotherapist in the field of addictions, a life coach and now a blogger, where I hope to use all my experience for you.

It’s difficult to live passionately if you are not physically, emotionally and financially healthy.  A challenge in one area affects all others.  Mid-life can be challenging but it can also be a time of renewal, a time when you have less responsibilities and you can re-assess, see what works, what you want to change, things you want to say no to, so you can say yes to yourself more often.  In other words, it’s time to get back in the driver seat if you have let everybody else decide what you need and what’s good for you.

It’s a time when you may want to get that dream you have stuffed in the attic for too long: learning to play a musical instrument, going to University, changing career, leaving a bad job or an unhappy relationship, traveling solo for the first time or any other desire you have kept hidden.

It’s a time when you are no longer willing to settle for mediocre anything: health, relationships, finances and are willing to do what it takes to make the next decades a time of growth, peace, fun and excitement so you reach your later years knowing you’ve done your very best.

What I want you to know about me is that I am a lover of life and learning.  I am curious about everything that has to do with life, love, what makes us tick as a human being, relationships, food, nature, wellness, health, personal finances, happiness.  I love dancing, good food, real people.  I am a mother.  A grand mother.  I have a great joie de vivre.  I love the beach, I swim regularly, read voraciously and practice taichi.  As an introvert I enjoy solitude and enjoy small gatherings of close friends.  I paint – acrylic and watercolor and am practicing doing portraits.  Oh, I love food and am pretty good with desserts.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with MGUs, a condition that puts me at risk for Multiple Myeloma – a cancer of the bone marrow.  That kind of news is a great motivator to live well – to amp the self-care part of life. And it helped me decide to take early retirement in 2008.  I continued a private counseling practice with adult women who had grown up with an alcoholic parent. At the same time, I worked on growing my business as a Fearless Living life coach.  While I learned a lot in University, most of what I learned I learned while working with thousands of clients, 90% women,  both in my job as a therapist for 20 years and as a coach.  Most everything about life interests me and my fearless blogging will be about all aspects of wellness: love, money, personal finances, health, mindfulness, retirement, nutrition, etc, as well as info of how growing up in a dysfunctional family can still affect you today.

I am happy to report that I am still in good health, despite the scare of 2005.

I want to combine my academic knowledge as well as my professional and personal experience and my love of life and learning to continue practicing and inspire you to master the art of living.


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