Top 5 Tips To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

(Inexpensive) ways to make your rental feel like home.

make your rental feel like home

I have been living in my apartment for a little over 10 years and I know I need to get ready to move, most likely next Summer.  I really like my place and wish I could stay but the landlord is no longer able to keep up maintenance which brings up a lot of stress (for me).

I love my place.  In fact I love it more than the last house I owned.   It’s a well lit duplex, with windows on four sides.  I have French doors in the living room leading to a small deck and a huge oak tree providing Summer shade.  The thought of moving is not fun and it makes me think how I would make sure I love my next place as much as I love this one and how I could make it feel like home.

Make sure you love at least one feature of the place you are about to rent.

This is so important.  Moving is expensive and tiring.  It can be the light, the fireplace, the location or the size of the rooms.  Just make sure you fall in love with at least one feature that is important for you before you sign the lease.  I fell in love with the gas fireplace and the French doors in this place and the location.  Oh, and access to a clothesline.

I made a terrible decision before I moved here.  I bought a house that just did not feel right.  And I paid dearly for it, in dollars and stress.  For me, location is very important.  I am a city woman and love being close to everything.  I know other people who would rather live in the country and don’t mind the driving.

The best way to put the odds in your favour is to visit the neighbourhood a few times during the day, on the weekend and in the evening.  It will give you a taste of what you can expect on your street.  This piece of advice definitely also applies when you decide to buy a house.


Treat your new place as if you owned it. Put your signature on it.

make your rental feel like home



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Boomerang Kids: Top Tips To Thrive When The Kid Moves Back Home

boomerang kids moving back home, kids returning to live at home, adult children moving back homeBoomerang Kids:   Why You Need to Clarify your Views (as well as my humble opinion on it all)



Boomerang Kids moving back home after university is a phenomenon that is not going away anytime soon.  In fact the number of adult children coming back to live at home has grown and is now reaching an ever time high of  over 30%. And it’s not just kids moving in temporarily after University. Some move back in after losing a job or after a divorce.


Many reasons account for that to happen: the economy, the rising cost of housing, high rise in student debt being the main ones.


Many parents have not prepared for the kids returning to live at home.  Most assume that the University grad will find employment – ideally in town – find a nice little apartment alone or with a friend, not too close but not too far from the family home – and come by for a visit.  And for some, that’s reality.


For others life happens very differently.  The kid finishes college, moves back home and never leaves, or never plans to, leaving parents feeling uncertain about their own future.  Often, by the time parents speak up, it’s out of frustration and relationships suffer. Continue reading “Boomerang Kids: Top Tips To Thrive When The Kid Moves Back Home”

Practice Self-Care: How To Have More Pleasure For The Sake Of Your Health

Pleasure = Self-Care:  It’s good for youhow to have more pleasure, pleasure, self-care, dare, risk, fun, adult play

Maybe you already practice self-care.  You do everything you know is good for your health.  And that’s good.  Do you wonder “How can I have more pleasure in my life?”

But if you are like many over 20, women out there, with a career, a main relationship, kids too, you don’t really make much time for pleasure and fun in your life.  Things to do just because they feel good and give you a feeling of enjoyment.  No time you say.  Too much to do.  Pleasures are often related to the senses, touch, smell, taste.

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Maybe, just maybe, even your sex life is, well, not very exciting.  Your main relationship may also show signs of wear and tear.  You and your Significant Other pass by and are dutiful, but gone are the days of giggling and fun.

Well, I am here to help you change all that. Continue reading “Practice Self-Care: How To Have More Pleasure For The Sake Of Your Health”

Ditch The New Normal With Your Health, Love Life And Money

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Stand Out!  Don’t be Afraid, Ditch Normal

I know, this goes against everything your mom and common sense told you since you were a toddler.  Everyone wants to be seen as normal, right? Normal means fitting in, being like everyone else, part of the majority.

stand out, don't be afraid, ditch new normal

Well, no more, at least when it comes to these three aspects of your life.  Because today many people find it normal to be overweight and in poor health, to settle in relationships and to have debt and little or no net worth.


Normal Health?  No way.


The new normal in America is if you are in the norm, you are very overweight, maybe obese.  Because you are so uncomfortable, you rarely walk or do any other kind of exercise.


If you are normal in America, it means you eat fast food regularly, smoke, eat very little fruit and vegetable and barely know how to cook.  In fact, you also eat out a lot and your fridge has mostly soft drinks, beer, some frozen pizza and other processed food.


If you are normal, you have latent heart problems and or type 2 diabetes, and there is a good chance you will die fairly young or spend your last years in a wheelchair.


It’s become normal in America to have obese kids who slurp on soft drinks, watch tv or play on computer most of the time and are addicted to junk food.  Today’s youngs may die younger than their parents because their bad health starts when they are so young.


Where do you fit in that picture?  If you find that this is a pretty accurate description of your health, you can change it.  It’s quite simple really although it’s not necessarily easy.


First, ditch the junk food.  Invest in some fruits and vegetables. Then, start cooking.  And start walking.  Identify your triggers for eating badly.  Attack them one by one.  Make friends with people who eat healthy.  Make friends with people who walk or exercise and value their health.  Meal planning can help you eat healthier.

stand out, don't be afraid, eat healthy, ditch new normal


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Resources – Recommendations

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  1. I use Bluehost Have you ever thought of having your own blog or website, but thought it was too expensive or too complicated to set up?  Here comes the solution: for between $36 to $50 a year (if you catch a special, it’s close to $36. but it always under $50 with my link), including a free domain name the first year  ($15. saving) through this link– It comes with free Website builders, WordPress installed in one click and 24/7 support,from Bluehost.

2. With  $5mealplan, the planning, including the grocery list, is done for you.   If you are tired of trying to come up with interesting, low cost, varied meals for the family, this is for you.   For $5 a month you can prepare healthy, low cost (even gluten free) meals.  14 day free trial – and you can cancel anytime – no question asked.

3. You certainly have heard about Airbnb.  A trip to Quebec city on September 10 and we are using this for the first time.  A full apartment for 3, including a full kitchen for less than a hotel room. Whether you travel for pleasure or work, totally worth taking a look here – By joining, you save $40 ($66 if you also have a work email) when you make your first reservation.,

P.S. we did use the Airbnb in Quebec city and it was more than satisfactory.  $99. a night for 3 bedrooms, equipped kitchen, living room with cable tv, parking.  In fact it was a bungalow, not an appartment on a quiet street, about 9kms from Old Québec city.

4. Emotional Freedom Techniques – also called emotional acupuncture.  Use it to lower stress, to change negative thoughts.  Easy to learn.  Here is a link to a free book (pdf 87 pages)  

5.  More free resources on self-improvement

6. Udemy – the site to find classes over 3,000 different courses and classes – some free, many for less than $20.  I have taken courses on Udemy for over a year  – great as a gift around the holidays too.  Or use this link for more technical courses

7. Naked Zebra is a clothing company mainly geared at the young’ish crowd, but I love their jacket and handbags and I found a couple of neat summer tops.  They also have graduation party dresses.

8. Books, toys, furniture, gifts – this store has it all – Indigo is one of my top place for books.

9. Get gift cards for your online activities: earn points when you shop, watch videos, search the web or answer surveys.  Points can also be redeemed for cash through PayPal.

10. Send flowers to your loved ones, including yourself.

11. Tutorial to start your blog

12. Find what you need on Amazon


An Expert’s advice: For a Passionate, Happy Marriage: Connect –

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For a passionate, happy marriage: connect.createe a lifelong passionate, happy marriage

Those of you who know me  know that I am a life-long learner.  I love learning new stuff but not just any stuff.  What interests me is everything about what makes us tick as human beings, what makes us happy and what makes for good relationships and a healthy, happy marriage.  I am a book worm, and now with all I can find on the web, I am in heaven.

I recently listened to a very interesting interview with Jeff Forte.  Jeff was a a conflict resolution professional working with CEO’s and other executives to improve team work before he became a relationship specialist.

How Jeff came to work from couples is directly related to what he did for a living.  He used the same strategies he used with CEO’s to try and resolve the trouble at home with his wife (it worked).  So began his career working with couples.

passionate, happy marriage


What does Jeff know that you don’t?  Well I was as curious as you. Continue reading “An Expert’s advice: For a Passionate, Happy Marriage: Connect –”

9 Top Tips: Stay Young after 40:Tips for your milestone birthtday: Beat Your Genes

Turning 40, 45 or 50 is a huge milestone for many women.  Milestone birthdays are often the time for reflection on the past as well as what you want the future to look like.  It can bring fears about the future and how you find your body is beginning to show signs of wear.   Whatever age you are right now, you are never too young or too old to improve your health and with some changes in your lifestyle, you can turn back the clock.

stay young after 40

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Some questions you may be asking yourself can be: do you go for one more child or more?  Can you imagine yourself in that same job until retirement?  Has your relationship with your significant other deteriorated to the point of no return or does it just need a bit (or lots) more attention?  Have you stopped doing what interests you?

The average life span for a North American woman is now 84.5.  That’s a lot of days from where you are now.  But it’s not just how long you live. It’s how much quality of life will you have in those later years?

How would you describe your your health?  Do you feel full of energy?  Do you treat your body well or have you stopped giving it the attention it deserves?  Have you let it slide so bad that you now fear going to the doctor or even looking at yourself in a full length mirror?  Do you feel young or do you already feel old?  It is totally possible to stay young, feel and look young well past 40.

Even if you have a family history of less than stellar healthy aging, what you do starting now can change the direction of your life. Studies show that lifestyle accounts for more than 70% of your health.  This means that even with bad genes, what you do can definitely tip the scale in your favor.

 John Rowe and Robert Kahn, authors of the MacArthur Foundation’s study called Successful Aging published in 1999, found that lifestyle accounts for 75% of healthy aging. Healthy aging is diminished by risk factors such as blood pressure, weight, and diabetes and reinforced by friendships. 

Today we will focus on your health, more specifically on your body and some steps you can take now to make sure it continues to serve you well for years to come.  You will be in a much better place to address your other concerns once you have your health under control.


The first thing you must do is stop abusing your body. Continue reading “9 Top Tips: Stay Young after 40:Tips for your milestone birthtday: Beat Your Genes”

The 2 biggest reasons we make mistakes when choosing marriage partners

The proof that most of us make mistakes in choosing marriage partners

unhappy marriage, create a great marriage, reasons we make mistakes choosing marriage partners,


When we date in our 20, 30, and even much later in life too, most of us don’t kow what we are doing.  If you don’t believe me, remember that close to 50% of first marriages end in divorce, over 67% of second marriages end in divorce, almost 75% of those in third marriages also end in divorce and of those who remain married, only about 30% are happily paired up. This means of  25 or so couples  about 4 have a healthy, happy marriage.  If you don’t believe me, make a list of all the couples you know who have been married – or living together for at least 4 years and do the math.

People do not marry to get divorced.  Most people endure years of unhappiness before they divorce and many want Continue reading “The 2 biggest reasons we make mistakes when choosing marriage partners”

Energy or fatigue: the relationship connection

emotional energy, good relationships, ee

When you look at people around you, see if you can detect who has emotional energy  (EE), and who shows sign of fatigue.  You may think that the life of the party person has it, and maybe you are right.  But maybe not.  Sometimes the quiet person in the room is the one who is very energized, while the loud, always smiling one is just covering up how they are really feeling.  A better barometer is Continue reading “Energy or fatigue: the relationship connection”

Don’t shop for love on an Empty Heart

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choosing from an empty place

If your emotional fridge is empty, you could make a mistake and end up with a more bitter than sweet sweetheart.

 Do you know how to choose a watermelon?  That’s something I did not know for years, so I would do what I saw other people do.  I would look at how people did it.  Some would smell it, others would knock on it.  Still others would turn it around and give it a good look.   The problem is even as I was imitating the melon pickers, I had no idea what it was I should look for or avoid.  In fact if I saw some yellowish dirty patch on the watermelon, I thought it was bad and did not choose that particular one. A few times,  I even asked a few people who seemed knowledgeable to choose one for me.  I have since learned, from one of the people I asked to choose for me, that it’s a good sign for a ripe watermelon!!!!

We often follow the same method to choose a sweetheart.  We look at what others (our parents did), we assume that’s what we should do too. If we belong to the minority who saw their parents have a healthy and loving marriage, our mate picking radar is well calibrated.  Otherwise, when we really don’t know what is truly important and healthy, we buy based on appearances and we often avoid someone who is right and just ripe for a good relationship because they lack the shine factor.

Or sometimes, we don’t spend much time choosing.  We take the first person who shows interest, while it would never occur to us to grab the chicken or bag of apples because it was the last one on the shelf.  Unless we were really starving.

How do you know if your emotional fridge is empty?  First, your fridge could be empty because you have just been dumped, or because you have not been in a relationship for a while or your last partner made you believe you were flawed and nobody would ever want you.  Maybe your fridge has been empty since childhood because that was a time when nobody could fill it well.  When our emotional fridge is empty, we think this is our only chance to have a relationship, we tell ourselves that we are too old, that we are not pretty enough, that this is the last boat.  We become clingy.  We obsess over our looks.  We do too much.  We give too much.  We let our life and our interests go.  We excuse poor behaviours.  We obsess over everyting. We become insecure and jealous.  We don’t inspect to evaluate whether this is the same kind of “love” that got us sick before, or if it shows signs of toxic mould (people who criticize you, your appearance, put you down, make off-hand jokes, use you, laugh at you, how you look, what you are trying to accomplish, etc., etc., etc.)

Is  your emotional frideg empty? What would fill it?

-The first way to fill your emotional fridge is to learn to love your own company. I know, you probably heard this before.  I can assure you it’s true. Learning to love your own company is more than spending your evenings vegging out in front of the tv.  It means getting to the point where your time alone is so precious you will not give it up unless you are getting quality company.  See how this is important.  You will not accept a date or to go out just because you are bored or lonely.   It won’t guarantee that you will find your sweetheart, but what it will guarantee is that you will be happy, even without a sweetheart.   This is the foundation and there is no shortcut.

-The second thing you need to do is to find activities that you love to fill your days.  Activities with others and activities and creative pursuits you can do alone, when there is a snowstorm and you are trapped in the house for the whole weekend.

-Nurture your family relationships.  Visit and invite your family over for brunch or a game of cards or to watch a movie.  Make time to call your kids or parents regularly.

-Grow a small group of friends.  Here quality is better than quantities.  I distinguish friends from activitiy buddies.  Close friends are those you can confide in and count on and they can also count on you.

-If you like group sports or activities, find a group to walk or play bridge, or go to movies.  Meetup has thousands of different groups, for all ages.

-If you have the time and energy, get involved in your community as a volunteer.  Some require that you commit for a number of months, others need volunteers once in a while, for a few hours, or a day.  Volunteering is also a great way to meet new potential friends.

-If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of filling your emotional fridge, get support.  Find a good therapist to help you heal what’s keeping you stuck.

Loving your own company and enjoying your life will help immunizing you against “buying” out of fear, boredom or loneliness.

Did you ever settle for the last “chicken”?  If you find this post useful, please share on social media and with your friends.  Please let me know how it was useful for you in the comments section.