Avoid big money mistakes

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Avoid those big money mistakes

big money mistakes,



Money.  Money..  Money. I like to think that I have always been careful with my money.  Yet, when I do a quick review in my mind – as I am doing now – I can see where in my life where I could have been a lot better in the money department.  I made huge money mistakes that ended up costing me a lot of money.

Mistake no. 1

The first money mistake I remember doing was to neglect investing the cash value of a life insurance my parents had taken for me at birth.  I don’t remember how much it was, maybe $1,000.  Not much by today’s standard but $1,000 invested at 7% when I was 20 could have grown to close to $15,000 at 60.  At 10%, over 40 years, that would have grown to over $45,000. – yes forty-five thousand dollars.

Pearl of Wisdom

Obvious – if you have some money falling from the sky, whether it’s the cash value of a life insurance policy or a gift from a generous relative, and you don’t absolutely need it to survive, invest 90% of it – and treat yourself with the other 10%.  If we are talking about huge amounts of money, invest it all now.  Consult with an independent financial adviser (fee for service) first.  And yes by all means treat yourself but remember that even a million dollars does not go very far these days.

Mistake no. 2

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Make Better Choices in Love – Part 2

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Great relationships are possible

Barbara de Angelis’s “Are You The One For Me?”  is the first book about creating great relationships  I remember reading.  It’s about how in the beginning of a relationship we can use certain criteria to make a better choice of a life partner for a healthy, happy  great relationship.  Not that other people are bad, but they are not the right fit for us and we are not the right fit for them.  And sometimes it feels like the right fit, but for the wrong reasons (our childhood wounds choose for us).  That will be the subject of another post.

This book was about choosing the right partner.  Unfortunately, I missed a previous book where she talked about being the right partner, and this was unfortunate, as I learned later that knowing myself should be the first step in the love dance.  (I just emailed her to ask about that first book and I will try to get my hands on it and report in a future post).

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Make Better Choices in Love Part 1

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Relationships!  Love that is.

WOW! Where do I start?  What do you think about relationships!  Good, bad, ugly or great?   Relationships, romantic relationships should be a mandatory subject in school.  Middle school.  Many of us have grown up with role models that were less than good role models.  The problem with bad, or not great role models is that unless they are obviously toxic, it’s very difficult for the child and the young adult to see that they are not what we should aim for.  I firmly believe that the high rate of divorce in our society is due to the fact that we are totally ignorant of what’s important to have a healthy, loving long term relationship, and because we don’t know, we don’t practice – from the beginning, including our criteria for choosing a partner and then being a great partner (which I did not know much about).

The map we get at birth

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Save the cost of your gym membership

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Would you like to be lean and strong without ever setting foot in a gym?  Do you believe it’s possible?  Yes, you can save the cost of your gym membership.  If you are like me, you totally dislike going to the gym.  If you are like a very large number of people, you have bought gym memberships in the past and only used them a few times, a few weeks maybe.  Yet you value your health – you want to do cardio for your heart and weight training to get lean and get strong bones without risking another $500 – $900 or more on another gym membership.

I totally understand people who are not gym people.  Whatever the reason.  Every time I bought a membership (twice), I barely used it and when I did I did not enjoy it. I hated getting out of the house, I hated waiting in line,  I did not enjoy being looked at when I was exercising.  And I can go on and on. Continue reading “Save the cost of your gym membership”

Fears = Stress

Our stress often comes from our fears, by Marguerite Tennier
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How do you scare yourself?  Should you listen to your fears ?  To that question I say YES.  “But I already do that” you might say, and it does not work.  I get more and more anxious.

Do you scare yourself?

Let me show you what I mean by listening to your fear.  It’s more talking back than mere listening.  It’s a conversation where you ask questions. When a fear shows up – anything, I know that for me I don’t automtically say “I am afraid”.  No I usually feel stressed.  Nervous.  Heart beating faster, dry mouth.  And then the “what if’s” start.  What if: I lose my job, my car breaks down, he does not love me, she is angry with me, and dozens of other stories we make up, using our imagination to scare ourselves.  I know this because I was very good at doing it.   Continue reading “Fears = Stress”

Trying to make sense of it all

With the horrible news about the attack in Nice yesterday, in Istanbul a couple of weeks ago, to the senseless murder of a 5 year old girl in Calgary, and other hundreds of senseless acts of violence around the world that I just did not hear about, it’s hard to make sense of it all.

It reminded me of one of the first words in the book “The Road Less Traveled” by Scott Peck: “life is difficult”.  We get to see examples of life’s difficulty every day and when it hits close to home, we so much want to scream “it’s not fair”.  And no it’s not.

What are we to do when we hear about yet another traumatic event, another life lost by the actions of a human being?  The best way I have found to deal with it is to remind myself to live life to the fullest, not in a reckless way but more in a fearless way.  Call the people you love and tell them you love them and then live in a way that celebrates the lives of the ones who were killed.  I did that for the first time when I lost a dear friend who died of cancer at 41 – he was a kind man, a loving dad and husband.  My way to celebrate him was to do for myself what he could no longer do.  That included taking time to enjoy a beautiful sunset, to savor a favorite food, to enjoy time with my daughters and to remember to be grateful to be alive.

There is not much we can do for the victims of Istanbul, of Nice, for the little girl who was murdered in Calgary but there is a lot you can do for your family, your neighbours, your colleagues.  Be kind.  Maybe if more of us are kinder, peace will have a better chance to prevail.

I just threw a big $5.00 in the trash – Don’t Follow My Example

Do you want to stop throwing your money away?  I hate when I realize I have done it.   I am not happy about it.  Yes, I just threw $5 in the garbage by not being mindful and forgetting to bring 2 books back to the library on time. I was 6 days late.

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In my defense, it does not happen often that I pay a fine (or interest) but when it happens, it is absolutely like throwing money away.  I must admit that there is another way that I sometimes, too often, throw money away.
It’s when I forget that juice in the back of the fridge, or the cucumber, or… you get it.  Throwing money away when food goes bad in the fridge.   Which is completely crazy.  On one hand, I look at flyers and compare prices.  I stock up on non-perishables when there is a good deal – often Continue reading “I just threw a big $5.00 in the trash – Don’t Follow My Example”

You are NOT too old


not too old, dreams, goals, realize your dreams

What lights your fire? You need to follow your heart and intuition.  And you are not too old to do what  you want to do.  Whether it’s to wear your hair long, to fall in love, to wear a two-piece swimsuit, to color your hair, to let a little grey show, to get married, to learn to dance, to swim, to learn another language and I could go on and on: do it.  In fact I did most of the above at a time when many people feel it’s no longer appropriate to do so.

If you are in your forties, or even fifties, you still have at least a couple of decades to not only dream but to actually build an entirely different life for yourself, either in your personal life or professionally.  You could easily live well into your 90’s and it’s not uncommon to find women in their 80’s and even 90’s still actively involved in some form of work.  This yoga teacher is a great example (she is around 96).

The reason I decided to write about this today has to do with a conversation I had with a potential coaching client last week.  The person was quite desperate to find employment but she kept getting rejection letters although she had quite an impressive resume and higher education.  One skill would have helped tremendously in her getting a job commensurate with her education and experience.  When I suggested she devote time to acquiring that skill – Continue reading “You are NOT too old”

Improve your health and your life with these secrets from Ikaria -Part 2

What we can learn from Ikaria, by Marguerite Tennier
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Food and Love


Food.  Food is very important on Ikeria.  It’s not so much the quantity but the quality that is important.  Ikarians grow most if not all of their vegetables.  The Ikarian climate is also great to grow many fruits.  And Ikarians do not eat processed food.  Combined with the fact that there are very little pesticides on the island, the food they eat is so much healthier than the pesticides laden vegetables and fruits available in North America.  The Ikarian cuisine is very simple, close to the mediterranean diet, with one big difference: Continue reading “Improve your health and your life with these secrets from Ikaria -Part 2”

Enjoy a longer healthier life with these secrets from Ikaria -Part 1

A long and Healthy Life

Ikaria is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, between Greece and Turkey with a longevity record.  People in Ikaria live to a ripe old age in good health.   According to Diane Kochilas, author of the beautiful book: Ikaria, the people of Ikaria have 20% less cancer and half the rate of cardiovascular disease of Americans. On top of that, depression and dementia are virtually absent, compared to almost half of Americans over the age of 85  who show signs of Alzheimer’s. Continue reading “Enjoy a longer healthier life with these secrets from Ikaria -Part 1”