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  1. I use Bluehost Have you ever thought of having your own blog or website, but thought it was too expensive or too complicated to set up?  Here comes the solution: for between $36 to $50 a year (if you catch a special, it’s close to $36. but it always under $50 with my link), including a free domain name the first year  ($15. saving) through this link– It comes with free Website builders, WordPress installed in one click and 24/7 support,from Bluehost.

2. With  $5mealplan, the planning, including the grocery list, is done for you.   If you are tired of trying to come up with interesting, low cost, varied meals for the family, this is for you.   For $5 a month you can prepare healthy, low cost (even gluten free) meals.  14 day free trial – and you can cancel anytime – no question asked.

3. You certainly have heard about Airbnb.  A trip to Quebec city on September 10 and we are using this for the first time.  A full apartment for 3, including a full kitchen for less than a hotel room. Whether you travel for pleasure or work, totally worth taking a look here – By joining, you save $40 ($66 if you also have a work email) when you make your first reservation.,

P.S. we did use the Airbnb in Quebec city and it was more than satisfactory.  $99. a night for 3 bedrooms, equipped kitchen, living room with cable tv, parking.  In fact it was a bungalow, not an appartment on a quiet street, about 9kms from Old Québec city.

4. Emotional Freedom Techniques – also called emotional acupuncture.  Use it to lower stress, to change negative thoughts.  Easy to learn.  Here is a link to a free book (pdf 87 pages)  

5.  More free resources on self-improvement

6. Udemy – the site to find classes over 3,000 different courses and classes – some free, many for less than $20.  I have taken courses on Udemy for over a year  – great as a gift around the holidays too.  Or use this link for more technical courses

7. Naked Zebra is a clothing company mainly geared at the young’ish crowd, but I love their jacket and handbags and I found a couple of neat summer tops.  They also have graduation party dresses.

8. Books, toys, furniture, gifts – this store has it all – Indigo is one of my top place for books.

9. Get gift cards for your online activities: earn points when you shop, watch videos, search the web or answer surveys.  Points can also be redeemed for cash through PayPal.

10. Send flowers to your loved ones, including yourself.

11. Tutorial to start your blog

12. Find what you need on Amazon


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