5 Great Fun And Exciting Activities: Take Your Summer From Blah! to Ahhh!

what are fun summer sports, summer fun, what to do this summer, canoe, kayaking

Fun Summer sports just for you to try and enjoy.

How would you like to try some new activities to put some spring in your steps now that Summer is here.  If you already have plans for exciting days for the coming season, this post may not interest you.  Maybe you have a big holiday planned or you are going to the cottage for the Summer.

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If on the other hand you have not yet done much thinking about how you will make this Summer memorable, I have some neat suggestions for you to try some Summer sports.. Most of them will cost you less than $100.

I am really excited to see warmer days because Summer is my favourite season. After a long freezing Winter in the North East, Summer is never long or warm enough for me and I literally organize my life around the weather.

How do you feel about this wonderful season? Are you just planning the same old routine you have done last year, and the year before? When was the last time you tried a new activity?  Have you tried different Summer sports?

Don’t let being alone stop you. You don’t need a partner to join any of the activities I suggest here. The benefit of joining alone is that it will easier to meet the other people in the classes and make new friends too.

You can have fun this Summer without breaking the bank.  Outside sports are also good for your physical and mental health.  Being in nature has a calming effect that counter balances the busy, noisy city life.

what are fun summer sports, summer fun, what to do this summer, sailing, sailing class, sailing boat

I have some great ideas here you can try to make your Summer memorable. I practiced some (sailing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, swimming) and intend to eventually try SUP. I am telling you this so you know you don’t have to be 20 or an athlete to practice those Summer sports.

I am way past prime,well in the conventional sense!  I have two full knee replacements and I can canoe, kayak, swim, and do some sailing. If you are in reasonable good shape, give a try to at least one and to make sure your experience is positive, take a class first if you have never practiced the sport or it’s been a long time.

Take a Sailing class. If there is a sailing club near where you live, there’s a good chance they offer adult (and maybe children’s) sailing classes. Those classes are usually offered in the evening, once a week for 6 to 8 weeks.

I treated myself to some classes a few years ago and it was the most fun and exciting time I had in a long time.  One evening I was paired with a more experienced student – who was a bit of a cowboy and I learned to hike – see attached article with a picture – and you will understand how I felt – I remember coming back home that evening feeling so high.   Feeling  like I was 20 again.  Don’t worry.  You are securely attached and this is only done with a skilled teacher or buddy. Classes: around $120.

Once you have had basic training, you can volunteer to work on a sailing boat at many Sailing Clubs.

what are fun summer sports, summer fun, what to do this summer, canoe, kayaking

If sailing is a bit much for you, and you love the water, you can find a place to canoe or kayak a few times during the Summer. Many lakes have them for rent and if not, you can rent them for a day or a weekend from sport equipment stores in town. Make sure you wear a life jacket at all times when you are on the water. I will definitely wear mine when I kayak at the cottage this Summer.  Renting: from $20 a day

If you are not experienced in either canoe or kayak and live near a body of water, you can probably find some places offering classes in both. Again, those classes are usually offered in the evening, for 6 to 8 weeks. Cost: around $1oo

Another fun Summer water activity is SUP – Stand Up Paddling. SUP is a fairly new sport. Here again, wear a special saving vest. You definitely should take a class. They are usually offered in the evening. A one hour lesson should be enough to teach you all there is to practice this new sport. You can rent a SUP board or you may want to get your own someday.  Cost: class: around $50. and rental $20 an hour.  You can eventually purchase your own board.  They run from $400 or so to well over $1,000

Is hiking more your cup of tea? Meeup groups are present in most cities and they have many groups that do either hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. Check up Meetup groups in your city.

what are fun summer sports,summer fun, summer activities,beach, swimming, cottage life, what to do this summer


Finally, last but not least, swimming. I am lucky to have a lake about 30 minutes from my home and I make sure to go up for a swim at least 3 times a week, even more when the weather is very hot.  Sometimes for a few hours, with a picnic, at other times I drive up, swim 40=50 minutes and drive backhome. Either way, it feels wonderful.  That’s something I used to do either at lunch time or after work when I had a “real” job and it felt like being on holidays all Summer long.

I like to swim to the other side of the lake and although I am a good swimmer, I don’t want to take chances with my life.  I wear a swim flotation belt, similar to this one.  It keeps me afloat.  Could come in handy if I had a foot cramp or other malaise.  If you swim in a lake or river, do have some flotation device.  It can save your life.  And it allows boaters to spot and avoid you.

I also wear goggles with UV protection, as recommended by my optometrist.  Sun rays on the water are really strong.  Protect your eyes when you swim.

Cost: $75. for my parking pass which I call my Passport to Freedom.

Not sure about any of this?  Read my post on how pleasure is good for your health.

Are you going to take the plunge and try some of these suggestions?  If you do, please let me know how it went.   If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends and on social media.  Thanks





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