How To Enjoy A Staycation even when the money is tight

Why you need to take that vacation time off even if you can’t get out of town and (how to enjoy it)how to enjoy a staycation, holiday at home,


Half of American workers don’t take all their vacation days.  Incredible.  I actually could not believe it when I saw those statistics.  And it’s not because Americans have a lot of paid vacation time. Lucky ones get 2 weeks vacation a year, and many don’t get any.


Compare that to a minimum of 20 days and up to 30 days a year in the European Union and it’s a real mystery why Americans give back to 2 weeks salary to their employer every year.  Here is a good article on the subject.


If you have been guilty of this sin, because it’s a sin against yourself to not stop work and go out and play, I hope to make you change your ways this year and make the most of your vacation time even if you take a staycation instead of a trip around the world.


The biggest reason to take your vacation days is because it’s good for you.  Plain and simple.  In the olden days, people worked 6 and 7 days a week and vacation days were unheard of for many.  People also died quite young in those days and I suspect many did die from overwork.  (Still happens in Japan).  More on this here


Time away from work is good for both your physical and your mental health, even if it’s a staycation, or vacation in your backyard.

how to enjoy a staycation, vacation at home


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